Our story began in 2009 with our founder Mr. Zaher Hankir and his wife Awsaf and her belief in the traditional soap crafts that had a long history dating back to 3000 years. Affected by its place of birth, Saida City, this southern city where -3000 year-old secrets of soap making belongs.
Bayt Al Saboun Al Loubnani is a natural cosmetics and skincare Lebanese company that was founded to safely and effectively take care of your skin. We started as a small shop in the heart of Kuwait and it lasted for more than a decade. Few years later, we have expanded our branches in Kuwait, UAE and Lebanon within our own network of retail stores and opened our own factory.
We currently have a range of 530 products of hair, facials and body care that are made in Bayt Al Saboun Al Loubnani factory and expertly blended using the latest technology to preserve and enhance the unique properties of plants. We source rare ingredients from around the world, adding herbs that have been traditionally used by the Lebanese for countless generation.